Wii Fit Gets You Into Shape, But It Isn't A Game

For eons, games have been the epitome of the sit down activity, one of the center pieces in the sedentary lifestyle that many blame for the weight problems in this country. But Nintendo, ever the revolutionary, has set out to get people in to shape, and hopefully break the stigma surrounding video games, with the release of Wii Fit.

By now, the game, a term which I use very loosely, has garnered positive reviews, 80% on Gamerankings.com. I agree that Nintendo is doing a great thing here introducing innovation to an industry that has been ruled by the same tried-and-true genres for far too long, but my one qualm with Wii Fit is the way that it is being labeled a game. It is a game in concept only.

I'm not saying that a game can't get you fit, what I'm saying is that this is an exercise aide however fun it may be. I give kudos to Nintendo for such a diabolical ploy to get the world in to shape (not to mention getting people to shell out 90 bucks for the game and Balance Board).

Several criticisms have been lobbed at the game, such as the fact that the design and aesthetic element is lacking. This just furthers my belief that Wii Fit's goal is to help people exercise and not provide the sweet sweet escapism that games generally provide.

I'd still play Wii Fit, even knowing that it is going to burn more calories than say playing Metal Gear Solid 4 will. I'd say that if you need some motivation to put down the controller, shell out the bucks for the "game." Don't be offended if it calls you fat though. -- Elvis Ramirez

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