Why Is This Dead Pig Riding Around in a Convertible in Hialeah?

Riptide has noticed perhaps the most Hialeah picture of all time floating around Facebook this past week. It appears to show a dead pig riding shotgun in a convertible down a highway in Miami's redheaded stepchild of a suburb. Words fail us.

Now, obviously this appears to be someone taking a holiday lechon home to the family, but who really knows. Riptide has a few alternative theories.

  • Perhaps this was an art fair purchase? Scope did have a particularly tacky piece on display of a taxidermied pig mixed with a chesterfield sofa. This doesn't appear to be the same pig, but who know, maybe there was other pig based artwork displayed through out the week?
  • Or maybe this is just performance art in and of itself commenting on the culture of Hialeah?
  • Maybe the pig is being driven to a plastic surgeons office to be harvested for new parts for the Real Housewives of Miami cast? Given how classy that show is, it only makes sense that it would be chauffeured in a convertible.
  • Or maybe it's just an elaborate ploy meant to bring attention to seat belt safety. This pig has its seat belt on, do you?

If you have any alternative theories, or perhaps the real provenance of this pig, please let us know in the comments.

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Kyle Munzenrieder