Why Do UM Fans Care Less About Basketball Than George Bush Cares About Black People?

For years the University of Miami has been a football and (to a lesser degree) baseball school. That's just how it is. The programs have nine national titles between them, and all of the school's other sports struggle for attention.

Baseball remains strong (they were ranked #1 before heading into a disappointing off season), but football is ...I don't even want to go there. Meanwhile the basketball program is taking off, but the fans just don't seem to notice. Shandel Richardson of the Sun-Sentinel laments the lack of support on his blog.

Local sports fans love a good turn-around story. We all

sported a collective boner after the Dolphins performance this season,

but we can't even manage to get a lil' excited about this team. Last

year they were picked to finish last in the ACC, the strongest

basketball conference in the NCAA, but ended up making the tournament.

And unlike the Dolphins, they actually won their first match.

Much like a car crash on the Interstate, Canes fans can't seem to take their eyes off the wreck that is the football team. Too bad they can't spare some of that attention for the Lamborghini that's revving up in the next lane.

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