Which Rock Star May Be Caught Up With a Bust of a Miami-Based Prostitution Ring?

Miami-resident Gregory Carr and his ex-wife Laurie ran what investigators believe to be one to be one of the biggest high-class prostitution rings in the country. Doing business under the name "Miami Companions," the Carrs reportedly sent prostitutes and porn stars across the country and charged as much as $500 an hour.

That was until Michigan officials busted the company and arrested the Carrs and three others. Now, amidst a legal fight over whether a list of Miami Companion's clients should be released publicly, the Detroit media has gotten a hold of an email in which Laurie Carr claims a client took her to one of George W. Bush's State of the Union addresses and that a certain world famous rock star enjoyed her hooker's services almost as much as he enjoyed drugs.

Miami Companions operated under the guise of a dating service and on its website denied it was in the sex trade. While based in South Florida, the company was apparently doing big business in Detroit, which led Michigan authorities and the FBI to make the bust last July. The case is now being handled by Michigan authorities, even though most of the defendants lived in South Florida.

Laurie Carr has already cut a plea bargain in exchange for testifying against her ex-husband. Surprisingly, Greg Carr's lawyer wants a list of the service's clients released to the public. The judge in the case has so far blocked the release of the information, and prosecutors believe the move would be intended to embarrass potential witnesses.

Though, The Detroit News has gotten its hands on a 2007 e-mail sent by Laurie Carr in which she tried to drum up support for the idea of turning her experience as a high-powered madam into a television series.

The email includes names of two high-profile clients including a rock star who lives in South Florida. The newspaper doesn't identify the star by name but identifies him as "lead singer of one of the most successful modern rock bands in recent years." It's doubtful he'd welcome the release of his name with arms wide open.

Carr claimed he was a high-paying regular client who secured her girls' services whenever his wife was out of town. In the episode recounted in the email she claims she sent two girls known as "Paris" and "Julie" to his house.

The singer had sex with Julie while Paris danced. Afterward, he drove the girls to a drug house in Miami Beach, but the girls decided to flee in a taxi cab. The next day they returned to his home to pick up their car but were confronted by the wife, and one of the girls let it slip that they were prostitutes.

The singer's wife was reached by the News and denies the claims.

Carr also claimed that she was taken as a guest by a lobbyist for the National Association of Realtors to one of George W. Bush's State of the Union addresses and sat next to a general. The lobbyist was allegedly a friend of the couple's and a regular client.

Though, it should be pointed out the Carr's email was used to solicit the idea of landing a TV show, and may either be over dramatized or completely fictionalized.

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Kyle Munzenrieder