Which of These Miami Dolphins Songs Is More Embarrassing?

In hip-hop, Jay-Z is God, and since he declared Auto-Tune dead, we've hoped that would put a swift end to the career of professional Auto-Tune abuser T-Pain. (I will never understand how a musical technique pioneered by Cher became "gangsta.") Dolphins majority owner Stephen Ross didn't get the message, and drafted to remake the Miami Dolphins fight song.  

It is pretty predictably goddamn horrible. But is it really the worst song associated with the Fins in their long, cheesy musical history? Probably not. View a greatest-hits compilation of sorts after the jump. 

Back in the day, football teams could rap all family-friendly-like without dipping into 7th Floor Crew debauchery. Unfortunately, this is only friendly for deaf families. Yes, it's a bunch of Fins players reworking MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." It's not quite "Super Bowl Shuffle"-bad musically, but the wardrobe is another matter.

Then, of course, there's Jimmy Buffett's entry into the genre. 

The original Dolphins fight song, on which T-Pain's is based, doesn't come off any less cheesy.

I don't even know what this is or where it came from, but hopefully it stays there.

Here's a frustrated fan after the disastrous 2007 season.

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