Where's Rudy Headed Now? Maybe Austin

Riptide doesn't understand why school boards always seem to be so scandalous (the one I graduated from has dealt with the suicide of a former pedophile board member, the forced ousting of a popular superintendent, a principal who used to his school email account to send dirt fantasies about motorcycle sex, and a former teacher of the year being convicted of having intercourse with a twelve year old boy), but they always seem to be.

Thankfully, aside from a few dalliances, our local school board has had relative smooth sailing since they ditched former superintendent Rudy Crew.

Crew took a nice fat severance check with him, and Riptide, for one, figured he'd find some private sector job. After what happened in Miami, you'd think any school board would be wary of hiring him ever again. Well, apparently the Austin school board may be interested in hiring Crew, but no one really knows for sure.

See, the school board there has decided to be hush hush about the whole thing, which is pissing off the public and local media. No official names of those in the running have been announced, but Crew's and another candidate's names have leaked out.

If you're an Austinite, and somehow the magical tubes of Google lead you here, you might want to check out Francisco Alvarado's "Bad Apple," detailing Crew's many mistakes. This was written well before the sideshow carnival this fall when Crew's ousting seemed imminent complete with immature outbursts, meeting scheduling mind games, and the final buy out.

If the other candidates come with even half as much baggage as Crew, then it's really no wonder the Austin school board would try to keep the hiring process under wraps.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.