What has Siohvaughn Wade Done to her Beautiful Dwyane?

Here's everything interesting we know for sure about the Dwyane Wade divorce situation: His soon-to-be ex Siohvaughn claims Wade gave her some sort of STD.

Everything else is just hearsay, but my old pals at Deadspin have the ultimate hearsay. Now, before irresponsibly spreading this, it should be noted it is from their "Deleated Scene" column, which basically consists of all the "absolute horseshit" they hear during the week.

Not sure how much of this you've heard, but I have a friend in the Miami Heat organization. He told me that D-Wade (whose marriage is in divorce proceedings) took a horrifying turn when his wife (who mysteriously picked up Herpes) demanded a list of all the girls he slept with while they were married.

You may know that D-Wade is now with Gabrielle Union and happy. But when his wife initially found out she got a dose of the nasty stuff....she apparently placed all his NBA stuff in the living room: His MVP trophy, and all sorts of other shit that meant the world to him. While D-Wade wasn't home, his wife took a baseball bat to all his stuff and bashed the fucked out of them for him to find when he got home.

Obviously, this could be bullshit. All we know is that someone from the Miami Heat organization is probably spreading around rumors about Siohvaughn, which somehow ended up being sent to a popular sports blog, which might just mean this whole thing is just about ready to be one of the nastiest, public sports star divorces in recent memory with lots more leaks to gossips to come. 

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