What Does Charlie Crist Do Now?

This morning was the first morning in four years when Floridians woke up to someone other than Charlie Crist as our governor. Florida's favorite flip-flopper passed up what would likely be an easy re-election for his doomed independent senate bid, and now he's out of a job, out of a party, and out of office. So what does the once-rising political star do now? Go back to school apparently.

There was a lot of speculation as to what Crist would do once he left office. An appointment in the Obama administration? A possible recurring gig commenting for one of the cable news channels? The time honored tradition of lobbying? A sponsorship deal with a tanning salon?

Nope, apparently those things won't come to pass. Instead, Crist is returning to law practice and will possibly become a part-time lecturer at Stetson University College of Law. It's not a done deal yet, but Crist mentioned the possibility in an interview yesterday with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, and Stetson released a press release noting their likely new hire.

Unlike the school's main campus in DeLand, Stetson's law school is located in Crist's home-base of Tampa Bay.

So, yeah, a return to private practice and a job teaching kids: that's a pretty low key after-life for a man who was once one of the more high-profile governors in the country.

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