West Miami Mayor's Cell Phone Bill Would Make a Teen Girl Blush

The city of West Miami has a relatively modest population of approximately 6,100. The mayor, Cesar Carasa, has racked up charges on his city-owned cell phone to the tune of $68,000. That's about $11.15 for every citizen in town.

The city has a deal with Sprint that includes ten free city cell phones, though the city would be responsible for long distance, according to WSVN. Mayor Carasa never got the memo and continued to make calls to the Dominican Republic, sometimes for hours at a time. Sprint had an internal billing problem that kept crediting the mayor's account, but the company finally caught the glitch. Sprint doesn't expect the entire bill to be paid but would like $5,000 from the most recent calls. That's still about a dollar for each resident.

Carasa thinks he should not have to pay but says he will if he has to.

[WSVN: Mayor accused of racking up over $68K on city-issued cell phone]

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