Well, There's Always Next Season

With news today that Bill Parcells will stay with the Dolphins, it seems a good bet that the heart of the resurgent Miami Dolphins will stay put for next season. Yeah, yesterday's game was a heartbreaking thing to behold, but after the greatest season-to-season turnaround in NFL history, Dolfans have little to be disappointed with, and even if this season was made possible by a healthy dose of good luck, it might not be silly talk to speculate the Fins may get another shot at the playoffs next year. 

It is way too early to be talking about next season, but let's look at the current state of the AFC East. The Jets are in total disarray. They fired their coach, and it seems that no one worth a damn wants to replace him. They also have to figure out what to do with their over-the-hill QB. Meanwhile, Patriots star player Tom Brady is behind on his injury recovery, and no one is sure how he will play when he returns (if he indeed comes back). And the Bills, well, they're the Bills. The Fins will return next year with healthy stars, a miracle-working coach, and the legendary Parcells. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder