Welcome to Miami, Andy Murray. You Don't Have to Be Bouncing in the Club Where the Heat Is On

Here is a fun tennis fact that passed us by: Newly minted tennis wunderkind Andy Murray recently bought a Brickell Avenue apartment. If it seems weird that a 22-year-old sports superstar would chose the more low-key (as low-key as anything is in Miami, anyway) locale of Brickell over the flashy lights of South Beach like a proper champ, maybe you should know that Murray keeps it alcohol-free. OK, maybe he will have the tiniest baby sip of his girlfriend's strawberry cocktail at Nobu once in a while, but mostly he's dryer than your grandmother's kitty (assuming, like most cats, your grandmother's feline tends to avoid being emerged in liquid).

So, even though Murray has taken up residence, don't assume you'll be seeing him on the party circuit anytime soon.

"I don't enjoy going

out. I don't find it fun. The music is so loud, you can't hear yourself

speak, and you wake up with a sore throat. I just don't enjoy it. Last night,

Kim had a strawberry cocktail and I had a little sip of it. I can see why

people do it, but for me I don't like waking up in the morning feeling rough," Murray told the Telegraph.

We wish Romero Britto and Donte' Stallworth followed the same way of life.

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