Weekly News Wrapup - The Pope, Merging Airlines, and Canceled Concerts

Pope Visit - Pope Benedict XVI visited the U.S. Tuesday in what is deemed to be a historic a visit. He said he is ashamed of "pedophile priests," but some catholics are demanding more action.

Delta, NWA Merge - Delta and Northwest Airlines settled on a deal to merge that would make them the largest airline in the world. The two airlines now face challenges as they combine because they are very distinct.

Bruce Springsteen Show Canceled - "The Boss" canceled both his Sunrise and Orlando shows because of the death of long time E street band keyboardist and organist Danny Federici.

Lambs to the Slaughter - The Archdiocese of Miami covered up Reverend. Neil Doherty's record as a sexual deviant and thus allowed him to attack again and again.

Lethal Injection, Constitutional - The Supreme Court declared that the lethal injection protocol used by most of statesthat still apply the death penalty is not cruel and unusual.

Be Careful Where You Put Your Money - A robber in Berlin deposited his stolen cache of rare coins at a bank for safe keeping. The person from whom he had stolen the coins worked at the bank, recognized the coins and called the cops. The man was promptly arrested. -- Elvis Ramirez

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