Weekly News Wrapup - Spiraling Economy, Racketeering and Still No Delegates.

Economy Worsening - While Wall Street is still getting beaten down by the economic downturn, other parts of the country which were not sorely affected are now experiencing their share of troubles. As the market continues to slump many retail stores have had fewer and fewer customers walk through their doors.

Activist in Little Haiti Charged with Racketeering - Ringo Cayard, a political activist and director of the Haitian American Foundation Inc., was charged with racketeering, theft and other charges. Cayard siphoned thousands of dollars from Miami Dade County.

Judge Rules Against Florida in Primary Challenge - a three judge panel decided that Victor DiMaio, a voter who had challenged the Democratic National Committee's decision to pull Florida's delegates, did not have sufficient standing to actually challenge the DNC's decision.

Poisoned Well - Miami-Dade County officials have yet to find the source of benzene, a carcinogen, in wellfields from which the county draws the majority of its water.

The Iraq Question: Five Years Later - Writers who originally supported the war now respond to questions about why they supported it in the first place, and what they think now.

Eagle Ray Kills Florida Woman - An eagle ray, a type of stingray, jumped onto a boat and stabbed a woman, who was on the deck, with its barb. The woman tumbled backwards and hit her head. Officials are unsure whether the barb or the hit on the head killed the woman. - Elvis Ramirez

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