Weekly News Wrapup - Murdoch Tries To Control The World

Murdoch Gears Up To Buy Newsday - Rupert Murdoch has offered the Tribune Company $580 million to purchase Newsday and further solidify his hold on the tabloid papers in New York. If the deal goes through, Murdoch will own 3 of the 10 largest circulation newspapers in the country.

Turnpike Tolls May Increase - Lawmakers have added a provision to a transportation bill that will allow for a 25 percent increase to the tolls on Florida's Turnpike, and the Sawgrass Expressway. The purpose of the toll is to raise money to widen certain roads and build new ones.

Wesley Snipe Sentenced to Three Years - The actor was sentenced to three years for his income-tax crimes. He will have to pay upwards to $20 million in back taxes, interests, and penalties.

Cop Killer Still At Large - Dwayne Henry is being deported despite the fact that he is the prime witness in the shooting of Broward Sheriff's Officer Sgt. Chris Reyka.

Clinton Comes Back From The Dead For The Fourth Time - After her win in Pennsylvania, Clinton's hopes for the presidential nomination are renewed. But even if she were to make major headway in other contests she may not be able to tie with Obama.

Ballooning Priest Still Lost at Sea - A brazilian priest, who had created a contraption of hundred of helium filled balloons, floated out to sea on Sunday. Four days later the Brazilian Air Force and Coast Guard have given up hope of finding the clergyman.

-Elvis Ramirez

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Elvis Ramirez

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