Weekly News Wrapup - Grounded Flights, Clinton Pollster Resigned, and Threats At The Olympics

More Flight Cancellations To Come - After the FAA issued orders to airlines to reinspect their planes, American Airlines canceled thousands of flights nationwide. Now Midwest Airlines also began canceling flights affecting flyers across South Florida, although to a lesser extent than it has in other regions.

Penn Leaves Post - Mark Penn, Senator Clinton's former pollster, resigned from his post Sunday amidst conflicts between his PR firm and Clinton's policy. Penn met with Colombian legislators to further a trade treaty with the U.S. - a treaty that Clinton does not support.

Terror Threat Raises Concerns About Olympics - Concerns about the future Olympic games, which have already been besieged by protesters attempting to extinguish the torch, grew after officials in China revealed that they had squashed a terrorist cell that planned to kidnap Olympic athletes as well as disturb the games by setting off explosives.

Cuban Ballet In Exile - Some of the best ballet companies have taken in Cuban exiles because of that country's style of ballet.

Civil Rights Leader Disgraced - The trial of Reverend James Bevel, a top aide to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., began Monday. Bevel is charged with molesting one of his daughters. The coverage of this even has been sparse to say the least.

Conan O'Brien's "Priest Stalker" Apolgizes- A Boston priest apologized before the courts for stalking the famed comedian. The man would not comment on what inspired his obsession.

--Elvis Ramirez

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