Weekly News Wrapup - Getting Paid For Good Grades, Skyrocketing Gas Prices and Warrants for Bush and Cheney

Gas Prices Continue To Rise – As the price per barrel of gasoline rises to record levels, over $104 a barrel, the price at the pump has also been setting records. In Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties the price per gallon are the highest ever recorded.

Students Getting Paid – At several schools in New York, students are receiving monetary and other incentives for doing well on the state exams. The 20 schools, believing that students will perform better if there is something to gain, have recently started this experiment.

Venezuelan Border Town Feels Hit of Conflict – In San Antonio, Venezuela, the conflict with the country’s neighbor, Columbia, stopped the town’s main trade – illegal gas smuggling. The people are in an uproar because they don’t see this conflict as something that should affect the people.

Should Hillary Concede? – Democrats are making the case for Clinton to withdraw to avoid giving the Republicans the edge of going up against a divided party. But is this reasoning faulty and assuming too much?

The Kingston Kid – A chronicle of the 17-year-old Sean Kingston’s, almost instantaneous, rise to fame.

Get Him, Officer – A town in Vermont approved a non-binding measure instructing police officers to arrest President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

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