Weekly News Wrapup - Cocaine, Soulless Stuffed Animals and Perez Hilton

Report Says Employment Practices Could Have Prevented Child Porn Scandal - According to a report by the Department of Children and Families' Inspector General, the agency hired Al Zimmerman, now accused of luring teenagers to child pornography, and did not go through the proper measures of verifying his background. They did not even fingerprint him to check for a criminal record. The report also says that Zimmerman's computer use was not monitored as strictly as it should have been.

McCain Stands Against Government Aide For Mortgage Crisis - Senator John McCain said Tuesday that he does not believe that the government should bail out people who acted irresponsibly. Using this reasoning, he refutes his Democratic opponents efforts to push for large government packages to help foreclosing mortgage owners.

Cocaine Bust On The High Seas - The Coast Guard recovered 3,200 pounds of cocaine dumped by smugglers during a confrontation in the Caribbean sea. The smugglers were able to get away because the Coast Guard helicopter, which was in pursuit, ran out of gas and had to turn around. The smugglers too the opportunity to flee into Nicaraguan waters.

Perez Hilton Picks A Fight - The celebrity blogger, known for doodling cocaine boogers on celebrity pictures, may end up in court due to those very pictures. Internet law precedents will be set if the case goes to trial.

The Evil of Webkinz - Forcing life on to stuffed animals ends up being more destructive than good for both parent and child.

Texas Man Arrested For Selling Snake Vodka - Bayou Bob, a rattlesnake rancher, sold vodka with rattlesnakes inside the bottle as a healing tonic. He was arrested because he doesn't have a liquor license.

--Elvis Ramirez

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