Weekly News Wrapup - Budget Cuts, African Presidents, and Hurricanes

South Florida To Lose Massive Amounts in Budget Cuts - The state legislature approved a version of the state budget that will result in budget cuts of up to $5 billion. Miami-Dade and Broward counties will lose $109 million intended for schools and $223 million intended for hospitals. The legislature rejected ideas such as dipping into reserves and increasing taxes to avert the budget crisis.

Mugabe May Lose Presidency - Robert G. Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president for the past 28 years, may lose his presidency after voters oust his party from the country's parliament.

Hurricane Forecast To Increase to Seven Days - As part of a federal plan to improve hurricane forecasts, The National Hurricane center may increase the days given for hurricane warnings from five days to seven days.

The Murder of Master Do - Tae Kwon Do Master Young Soo Do was murdered seemingly at random last year in North Miami, another victim of the rising crime rates.

Crappy Links on News Sites - In the first 95 words of an article on the Washington Post website there are six links to six different sites. What reasoning human would hyperlink so damn much?

Woman Bites Dog - After a pit bull jumped Amy Rice's fence to attack her dog, the Minneapolis woman pulled the pit bull off of her Labrador retriever and bit it on the nose.

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