Weekly News Wrapup - 2/29/08

Incarceration Rates Higher Than Ever – A report from the Pew Center on the States indicates that around 230 million American adults are behind bars. That is 1 in every 100 adults in the U.S. The rate is the highest in the nation's history. Among minorities, the rate is even higher.

Power Outage Cause Still A Mystery – According to FPL investigators, it may take weeks to uncover the definitive cause of Tuesday's power outages. A short circuit at the West Flagler substation is believed to have started a fire that caused the outages. FPL has not released any new data.

Sarnoff Shmarnoff - Sarnoff claimed that he was a descendant o David Sarnoff – he lied. He quickly edited his biography page and let go his claims to a famed lineage.

Surgeon Accused of Killing Patient to Harvest Organs – California prosecutors charged Dr. Hootan C. Roozrokh with prescribing deadly doses of drugs to hasten a patients death to harvest their organs. The case may have repercussions for the already strained organ donor system. According to people that work in the system, people may fear donating their organs.

Haitian Kept as A Slave – A young Hatian woman was kept by a family as a slave. She was forced to sleep on the floor, work 15-hour days and eat left overs. The women told her story in a federal court, testifying against the Southwest Miami family.

The New York Times Plagiarizes The Miami Herald - In a story about the Argentinian drug “paco,” the Times lifted two lines directly from a herald story and didn't attribute it. The Times is working on an Editor's Note on the incident.

FAU Students Protest State Cuts – Students feared that state budget cutbacks would force the university to cancel summer classes, not to mention eliminate the Bright Futures scholarship.

Mac and Cheese with Your Burger – Burger King will begin selling servings of macaroni and cheese in certain test markets. Kraft Foods will provide the new menu item through its food service division.

Mayor of the Nude Beach - A retired IRS worker expresses his nudist preferences at Haulover Beach.

If At Once You Don't Succeed ... – New Hampshire Police say that a man tried to rob the same bank he had tried to rob two weeks before. He wore the same clothes, and told the tellers the same exact thing he had said in his previous attempt.

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