Weekly News Wrap - Super Tuesday, Money Laundering, Cuba Criticism and more

Romney Calls It Quits – Mitt Romney, after spending millions of his own money on his campaign, has decided to drop out of the race for presidential candidacy leaving McCain with a clear nomination for his party. Romney stated that running his campaign against McCain would allow Clinton or Obama to become president much more easily.

Tax Cap May Not Make it onto Ballot – Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio proposed a tax cap that would limit property taxes to 1.35 percent of the home’s value. The Florida House and Senate have agreed to a hearing about the tax cap, but there is no guarantee that voters will get to see it on the ballot in November.

Miami Lawyer Charged with Money Laundering – Ben P. Kuehne was accused of money laundering due to the fact that the money used to pay for his services for drug kingpin Fabio Ochoa Vasquez was gained through cocaine trafficking. Kuehne says that he didn’t know that that’s where the money came from, a federal grand jury said otherwise.

Obama and Clinton Fight For Delegates – After Super Tuesday, Clinton secured a lead over Obama in delegates but the race is still too close to call. Clinton’s lead is small. The states are sharply divided in their choice for the next presidential candidate.

Homeless Sex Offenders Face Eviction – Sex offenders, who until now were forced to live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway, are now faced with looking for another place to live as officials scrap the idea to allow them to live under the bridge.

Students in Cuba Criticize Government in Video – University students in Cuba criticized the government and its ideals in a video that has been circulated by the BBC. In the video students openly question the head of Cuba’s National assembly.

Proposal to Ban Gay Marriage Draws Debate – A week after the proposal gained enough signatures to go on the November ballot, the debate about the amendment to ban gay marriages continued. The Broward General Medical Center and the Tower Forum hosted a debate about the proposal.

Parks Bond Languishes – A $255 million bond to renovate community centers and parks around Bicentennial Park and Little Haiti has been mismanaged to the point that those areas up for renovation are worse than they already were.

Is The Newseum Really Worth It? – What is the point of a lavish museum dedicated to the trade of journalism? And what kind of view on history will it portray?

Thai Soccer Referee Beaten by Entire Team – The Kuiburi FC squad, a Thai soccer team, beat a referee after a soccer game in which the referee had given them three red cards, effectively removing three of their players. The referee plans to file charges.

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