Weekly News Wrap - Seminole Gambling, Michigan, The FBI and more

1. Stronger Security for Driver’s Licenses – An initiative put forth by the Department of Homeland Security will require that all Americans born after Dec. 1, 1964 get new more secure driver’s licenses. The plan will allow state governments to share information about the person.

2. Seminole Tribe Pays Millions to The State – After the approval of a deal between Gov. Charlie Crist and the Seminole tribe that will allow the tribe to place Las Vegas style card games and slot machines at their casinos, The Seminole’s paid the state $50 million. It will pay another $50 million later this year. The deal stipulates that the tribe will pay $100 million a year for 25 years. Crist says that this money will help fund Florida schools.

3. Florida Ranks 14th in Education Week’s Report – Education Week, a magazine which ranks state education systems, gave Florida a C-plus, placing the state as 14th best in the nation. However, Florida did not rank as high as it should for the money that is being spent on the education system.

4. Home Insurance Rates Continue to Soar, Legislators to Ask Why – Legislators in Tallahassee are scheduling hearings for insurance industry executives. The hearings are scheduled for February. Legislators intend to make the executives explain why insurance rates continue to rise despite actions taken by the state in order to lower those prices.

5. The Deadly Road Through Mexico – Cubans fleeing the island through Mexico face dangers during the trip and from the people smuggling them into the country.

6. Conflict in Congo Harkens back to Rwanda – The anti-Tutsi sentiment that is spreading through Congo because of the Tutsi general’s rebellion seems to be leading to a powder keg situation.

7. Both Parties Look to Michigan’s Primary – After Iowa and New Hampshire the Republican and Democratic party candidates are placing all of their energies into gaining support for Michigan’s primary.

8. What Happened to Iraq? – The politics of the primaries has taken away the media’s focus on Iraq.

9. Local Radio Host Fights For Cuban Refugee Release – Javier Ceriani flew to Mexico to plead with Mexican immigration authorities that have held the Cuban immigrants. Three of the 15 Cubans have been freed.

10. FBI Wiretap Disconnected due to Unpaid Bill – A telephone company has disconnected surveillance lines used by the FBI because it didn’t pay its bill. This has lead to an evaluation of the FBI’s financial management. -- Elvis Ramirez

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