Weekly News Wrap - Iowa Caucus, Kenya, E. Coli and more

1. Obama and Huckabee win Iowa Caucus – The results have pushed Obama to the front runner for the Democratic Party and demonstrated Huckabee’s appeal to conservative Christians, who launched him to the foreground in the race.

2. Miners come to the Everglades – Several mining companies have asked the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for permits to mine limestone from the Everglades. The potential effect of rock mining on Miami’s water supply hasn’t been studied and the miners are not waiting.

3. Cam Cameron Fired – The Dolphins coach of only one year was fired Thursday. After the 1-15 season, the coach was unable to convince Bill Parcells, the new vice president of football operations, to keep him on. Most of Cameron’s staff was fired as well.

4. Port St. Lucie Funds Frozen – The city of Port St. Lucie placed millions of dollars into an investment pool only to have the pool freeze withdrawals. The other cities were pulling their money out of the pool because it had invested in subprime mortgages, so it froze withdrawals to prevent everyone from taking out funds. The city has had to shift the funds that are available to them delaying many long term projects.

5. Kenya in Chaos – After a rigged election last week, Kenya has descended into riots and destruction. The events have killed 300 people in the last three days. The government in power refuses to cede power and the opposition refuses to back down.

6. Booze: The Journalist’s Social Mythology – The closing of the Cincinnati Post (a 126-year-old paper) and a subsequent ban on alcohol in the paper’s office on its last day is used by Slate to explain the ailments of American journalism.

7. Drug-Resistant Strain of E. Coli Found in Arctic Birds – Arctic birds that have never been exposed to drugs have been infected with drug-resistant strains of E. Coli. Scientists believe that the birds have contracted the disease from birds that use flyways that cross the Arctic. Maria Sjolund of Central Hospital in Vaxjo, Sweden says that this adds credibility to the fact that antibiotic-resistant viruses and bacteria are a global rather than localized problem.

8. Cell Phone Use Causes Traffic Jams – A University of Utah study confirms that people who use cell phones while driving drive slower thus causing traffic jams.

9. Judge Rules Against Suit For Who Controls College Tuition – A judge ruled that the Florida Legislature still determines state institution’s tuitions. According to the plaintiffs in the suit, which include Former Gov. Bob Graham, a 2002 constitutional amendment give the Board of Governors the power to determine tuition. The judge stated that the plaintiffs can refile before Feb. 4 the suit if they can show how the current system has harmed schools.

10. Man Puts out Fire with Aunt’s Underwear – John Marsey was frying bread with his cousin when the meal caught fire. Marsey grabbed his aunt’s XL underwear, soaked them in water and smothered the flames.

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