Weekly New Wrap - College Killing, Sarnoff, Santeria and more

Gunman Kills Six at Northern Illinois University - A gunman, police have yet to release his name, went on a shooting rampage at Northern Illinois University killing five students. The school put a comprehensive security plan, one they developed after the Virginia Tech shooting, into action as soon as they were told what happened.

Miami City Attorney Resigns – Miami City Attorney Jorge Fernandez resigned as part of a plea deal. Fernandez was accused of using a $10,000 expense account for personal use. In accordance with the plea deal Fernandez must also pay back around $3,000 in restitution.

Senate Approves Increased Government Spy Power – The Senate broadened government’s surveillance powers by allowing the government to spy on communications of foreign origin as long as they do not involve American citizens. The legislation also grants immunity to phone companies involved.

City Hall Stinks – The latest on the ongoing war between city commissioners Marc Sarnoff and Michelle Spence-Jones. It all started with a memo.

Fingerprinting at Miami Airport – Foreign travelers arriving at Miami International Airport must now have all 10 fingers fingerprinted in a new security measure by the Department of Homeland Security. Other airports in South Florida will institute the measure within the year.

Earlier Cutoff Time for Clubs in the Grove – In a 3-2 decision by Miami city commissioners, the time to end alcohol sales in Coconut Grove has been cut back to 3 a.m. This is two hours earlier than the current cutoff time. Bar owners fear that this will hinder their businesses.

Songwriter Claims Santeria Church Involved in Murder Plot – Fabio Alonso Salgado, also known as Estefano, has filed a suit against his financial manager and a Santeria church. He says that they were involved in the plot to try to kill him. Salgado, who survived gunshots to the head and chest, alleges that the attempt on his life was planned by the church in an attempt to cover up the fact that Salgado’s financial manager had been stealing money from him.

Border Patrol in Little Havana? – Steve Gagnon took his piece, Border Patrol, which debuted during Art Basel, to Little Havana where confusion seemed to be the response.

Air Force Needs To Be Reigned In – The Secretary of Defense has ordered a stop in the production of F-22 jets, but the Air Force wants to double their current number of fighter jets, 187, before the stop in production.

Woman Claims To Be 120 – When filling out her application for a new Israeli identification card, Mariam Amash wrote in all her information including her age – 120 years old. Her birth certificate shows that she was born in 1888, but the veracity of the claim still needs to be proven.

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