If the Susan Boyle formation doesn't work, they could also try the famed Shipoopi
If the Susan Boyle formation doesn't work, they could also try the famed Shipoopi

Weekend Football: Miami Dolphins vs San Diego Chargers

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers, Sunday at 4:15 p.m. CBS 

Right now the Dolphins are looking as lame as t

hose dead, topless fish people

in Bayfront yesterday. But, hey, that's exactly how they looked going into their third game last year. History repeats itself, right? 

Problem is, they probably don't have any new offensive surpsises to pull out this time à la the Wildcat. Unless Tony Sparano and Dan Henning have cooked up some scheme where Chad Pennington belts out a stirring rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream", while Jason Taylor, making a surprising appearance on offense, uses his Dancing With the Stars experience and choreographs a breath taking waltz with Ricky Williams rendering the Charger's D in tears at the combined beauty while Ronnie Brown sneaks the ball it into the end zone. Basically what we're saying is that it's time for the Fins to stop relying on gimmicks. 

Make no mistake, they're still the masters of all things Wildcat as evidenced by Monday's spectacular ball hogging play against the Colts. Too bad they're not proven to be masters of much else. 

Of course, the Chargers aren't on the level of last year's Patriots, or, for that matter, this year's Falcons and Colts, but the Fins are still heading into the game as underdogs thanks in part to the Chargers going 20-5 in the last three years at home. 

We don't think a win is impossible here, but the standard line is the Chargers by six. What would be almost impossible is for the Dolphins to make the play offs if they start the season out 0-3. 


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