Weekend Football: Blame Canada?

The college football season came to end, so we're left for the time being with only this Miami Dolphin team to keep us company.

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills, Sunday 4:05pm on CBS
The Buffalo Bills, the former team of noted armed robber OJ Simpson, have worked out a weird plan where they play one home game in chilly Toronto each year, and guess what? This year it is against the Southern-most franchise in the entire league in the frigid month of December. But this is good news for the Dolphin, as Buffalo is rather frigid itself, and the stadium there is outdoors, while their Canada digs are covered with a nice, warm dome. Plus playing in Canada shaves off a little bit of that home field a advantage for the Bills. We've seen predictions both ways, but the more confident ones come in favor of the Fins.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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