Weekend Biking


Critical Mass Miami meets Saturday for a ride down Calle Ocho. Meet at Government Center at 10:00, and dress as a rooster or a chicken, if you can, for a chance to ride with Mr. Clucky himself!

On Sunday, the Everglades Bike Club meets at 7:30 a.m. (woof) at Blackpoint Marina for a ride. Afterwards, the Club will be picking up trash on the road, of which it is a sponsor.

The brand-new bike activism group BASIC is urging bikers to attend a meeting next Thursday, April 19, of the Finance and Citywide Projects Committee Meeting. Up for discussion is the future of the 16th Street Improvement Project, which may or may not include bike lanes. Email for more info or to join BASIC.

Finally, World Naked Bike Ride is just around the corner, and the Bike Blog thinks this is a big opportunity for Miami to show that, when it comes to biking, it’s got balls aplenty. And tits.

And don’t forget to take the New Times Best of Miami Reader’s Poll, where you can vote on Miami’s Best Bike Shop, among other things.

Next week: The Bike Blog goes flat in Overtown, and other adventures. -- Isaiah Thompson

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