Website Will Make Nightclubs Bid for Your Business

The number of deal-of-the-day websites continues to expand in South Florida at an annoying rate, and it was only a matter of time until someone tried to tailor the deal-site trend to the nightclub world. Recently, Venugo -- more akin to hotel sites such as Expedia than Groupon -- launched in New York City and has plans to expand to Miami. The site makes nightclubs and bars bid for your business.

Users log onto Venugo and input the day they're planning their outing (apparently three days' notice is needed), the type of event they'd like to have the bar or club host, number of guests, and preferred neighborhood. The selection is then narrowed to five venues, and the venues then offer competing bids based on price or perks.

The site seems geared more toward planned outings for larger groups than, say, an impromptu night out on the town for a couple of friends. Suggested types of outings include "wedding receptions," "birthday parties," "hobby or club get-together," and "networking event."

The site so far has about 75 participating bars and club in Manhattan, and though we're no experts on NYC nightlife, few of the clubs had reputations that proceeded them. Basically, the clubs aren't the hottest in town, but the site can be helpful for folks looking to have a guaranteed venue for a large event without paying out the wazoo.

There's no word on when exactly the site will launch, but a press release indicates it will be "soon."

The deal also seems to be pretty good for the venues that participate. They have to pay Venugo only $1 per guest. That's a far cry from the 50 percent share businesses pay for sites such as Groupon.

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