We Just Don't Give a Damn

Another city-ranking study was released Monday, and this one casts Miami in a bad light (again).

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, Miami ranks 49th -- second to last -- among the nation's largest cities when it comes to volunteering.

Residents of Midwest and Northwest cities were tops on the list for volunteer hours; folks in Tulsa volunteered an average of 60 hours a year, while Miamians volunteered a paltry 25 hours a year.

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The study lists things that hinder vounteerism: long commute times, a lack of homeownership and a lack of education. Seeing as Miami is one of the poorest, least educated cities in the nation, has a high foreclosure rate and is home to the nation's worst drivers, this latest study seems to make sense.

Or maybe Miamians are too busy working to make ends meet to volunteer. Another possibility: maybe we're too tired and disillusioned from all the scandals, fraud and waste that run rampant in our public and private sectors. Instead of volunteering, maybe we'd just rather go home and bar-b-que, mix ourselves a cocktail and try to relax.

-Tamara Lush

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