Watch Soccer With Cool Kids at Bar's USA-Ghana Party

When it comes to hipsters, there's a very short list of sports about which they give even the tiniest shit. (This whole phenomenon can be linked back to the punk notion that jocks are nothing but incipient fascists.) Really, you can narrow it down to skateboarding, drug hunting, and soccer. Yeah, soccer.

The proof? Well, there were those glamorous thug junkies in Trainspotting, who not only theorized at length about Iggy Pop and partied like Sid Vicious, but raged on and on about the "Beautiful Game" like full-blown football hooligans. Then, there's that new ESPN clip that's been rolling on repeat these last few days. Basically, a Seattle bar is instantaneously reduced to a screaming orgy of bread dreads, dirty beards, and vintage tees in the immediate aftermath of Landon Donovan's game-winning, group-clinching, extra-time goal.

And now, a third piece of evidence: Bar is hosting a 2 p.m. watch party for tomorrow's knockout stage match between the USA and Ghana. There will be skinny jeans, lots of bangs, and $2 off beer and booze for anyone in a USA jersey. What? Don't own even own a Jonathan Bornstein bootleg? Way lame, bro. Waaaaay lame.

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