Watch Sadly Optimistic Dolphins Fans Tailgate Before Crushing Bills Defeat

In hindsight, New Times made the same basic error as thousands of Dolphins fans. Sure, the Fins had underwhelmed in their first two games of the season on the road, but Sunday was the home opener! Finally, after an off-season of big-money buys and huge hype from analysts and coaches, the Dolphins would be ready to gel. 

That's why New Times sent videographer Adam Hendel to capture the scenes at Sunday's tailgate outside Sun Life Stadium, where a sea of aqua-and-orange diehards were getting pumped up for what promised to be a glorious win over the Bills.

Well, we all know what ended up happening on the field. So instead, think of this video as more of an historical artifact: Witness the final act of optimism from a fan base that would soon file out of the stadium by halftime. Watch the unbridled joy that would shortly be wiped off every face by a beatdown at the hands of the Bills. 

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At least you'll always have memories of that great tailgate, Fins fans. 

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