Dude, they like, have talons or whatever.
Dude, they like, have talons or whatever.

Watch Logan Morrison Freak Out on Television About a Bug

The fearless left fielder for our Florida Marlins has revealed his kryptonite: It's green, armored, and scares him more than a fastball low and inside. It's a bug.

There really aren't many words necessary here; the video makes the joke just fine. Mantis on railing, LoMo taunt mantis, mantis make LoMo cry.

Some highlights: Maniacal laughter replacing the play-by-play, Marlins teammates watching in amusement as he flails like Elaine Benes at a Christmas party, manager Jack McKeon stumbling around thinking everything is totally normal.

Enjoy, until the fun police take it down:

Fun fact: Praying mantises are not endangered, nor is it illegal to kill them. We know, right?! All those years you spent protecting those creepy, claw-jiggling mini-monsters, wasted. Turns out there aren't mantis agents hiding in every park and field waiting to arrest you. Someone should tell Morrison for next time; he made such a scene this time some dude started a Twitter account, @LoMoMantis, for the bug.

Morrison, of course, traded tweets with the anonymous user, whose first tweet was more than a little confrontational:

@LoMoMarlins didn't you know after we mated I was supposed to eat you? I will find you. This is not over.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Oh, and the Marlins held the Nationals to three hits and beat them 11-2.

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