Was This French Tennis Player Partying A Little Too Hard in Miami?

French Tennis player Richard Gasquet tested positive for cocaine during the Miami Masters. He ended up not playing in the tournament anyway due to a shoulder injury, and the result was only announced on Saturday. Do you think it was just a mere coincidence he happened to have cocaine in his system in Miami? Thanks Gasquet, for keeping the stereotype alive and well. 

He's been suspended until he appears before an International Tennis Federation anti-doping tribunal, which is expected in the next 60 days. If found guilty he could face a two-year ban. Much like Martina Hingis was handed last year after testing positive for cocaine.

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Though, Gasquet is said to be gathering evidence to prove his innocence besides the fact both samples taken in Miami came back positive. What exactly would be his excuse? "I was walking around a VIP room, tripped and my nose just kind of fell into the stuff. sorry"?

Gasquet isn't exactly a known anti-party boy like contemporary Andy Murray. After the French team won a round in the 2007 Davis club, he hit a romanian strip club and decided to take to the stage himself. Which is where this unfortunate picture is from. 

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