WaPo: Wheel Of Corruption Was Totally Great, and Not Annoying At All

What is up with you, Washington Post blogs? You keep coming up in my internet reading, so you must be doing something right, but you always manage to rub me the wrong way. First, you had incorrect information about the Spanish version of the Obama infomercial and called Manny Diaz a registered Democrat. Just today you floated the idea that somehow, some way Diaz might just end up as Secretary of Homeland Security, and now you are calling "The Wheel of Corruption" ad one of the best Congressional ads this year. That's the one the RNC ran against Lincoln Diaz-Balart's challenger, Raul Martinez, if somehow anyone forgot.

First off Washington Post blogs, you did not have to sit through a million screenings of that thing on the local teevee. It weaved together a bunch of loose facts (or something like them) to create the worst portrayal of Martinez ever with annoying music and a cheesy announcer voice -- because all voters are five-year-olds. Then it whined about corrupt Washington. Yes, a committee of Washington Republicans implied that Washington is corrupt.

The stupid thing was annoying as hell, and at the end of the day made me want to vote for Vanna White anyway.

The real nail in the coffin in this race, advertising-wise, was the "Horrifying" ad. Sure, same cherry picking of facts to create a dim portrait, but used footage of Martinez choking some dude. Nail. Coffin. Race.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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