Want to Wear Your Gun Out in Public Like a Deadly Fashion Accessory? Fla. Senate is Considering It

Senator Greg Evers apparently think Floridians should have the option of completing their everyday outfits with the ultimate in NRA chic: an openly displayed handgun strapped to the hip. Currently Floridians with proper permits are allowed to carry concealed weapons, but have not been able to carry their gun openly in Florida in decades. Evers' proposed bill would change that, even though politicians across the country are considering tougher gun laws in the wake of the tragedy in Arizona.

Evers, a Republican (naturally) of Crestview, Florida, tells The Palm Beach Post that he hopes to protect gun owners who carry concealed weapons from his list of ridiculous circumstances in which a concealed weapons becomes visible and the owner may be cited by police.

"A gust of wind makes a suit coat flap open and the person is in trouble," Evers said. Or an air conditioner breaks, and a person removes a jacket and exposes a firearm.

He said the purpose of his bill is to end such instances, and he expects most licensed gun carriers will continue to conceal their weapons.

Or maybe the neighbor's wacky dog comes up and tears off your robe while you're getting the morning paper and accidentally exposes your morning gun to the neighborhood.

Or possibly you meet the Queen of England after a rainstorm, and she's crossing the street, and you take off your trench coat to lay it over a puddle, but whoops, there's your gun.

Or you're a new mother and your baby is hungry and you want to breast feed but you cant do so with out inadvertently flashing the pistol you keep tucked in your bra.

See, none of those instance are ridiculous, and they are clearly important matters the state Senate needs to ponder.

Detractors say that displaying hand guns so openly could lead to criminals snatching those guns.

Evers's bill would also allow permitted individuals to openly carry firearms on public college campuses.

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Kyle Munzenrieder