Courtesy of the Coral Gables Gazette
George Volsky is a bad ass.

Wait. Who's the Boss in the Gables?

This week, New Times featured an article about old-school journalist George Volsky and his ongoing conflict with Coral Gables City Manager David Brown. To recap, the former New York Times reporter busted Brown for dining lavishly on taxpayers’ dime and backdating receipts to cover himself.

Then, in what appears to be an act of revenge, Brown ordered three police officers to toss the 87-year-old columnist out of city hall on Aug 12. The accusation: Volsky harassed a secretary named Olga Garcia. Apparently, walking into a room and asking someone a question qualifies as harassment in the Gables.

Now, it looks like both the secretary and the City Manger are having some trouble proving Volsky did anything wrong. Here’s the latest chapter of the feud, courtesy of the Coral Gables Gazette:

“When the intern in the mayor’s office was reluctant to back up her claims to police that Coral Gables Gazette columnist George Volsky had harassed her on the afternoon of Aug. 12, the mayor’s secretary did what she had done just minutes before: Olga Garcia called City Manager David Brown.

Then, according to city employees, Garcia put Brown on speakerphone who then instructed the intern, Alfredo Santamaria, to cooperate, reminding all those assembled in the room and within earshot of the open door on the second floor of City Hall, that, “...Volsky doesn’t run this city; I do.”’

--Natalie O'Neill

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