Wackin' the Taxpayer

Keep your kid Billy's pockets free of ganja lint. If he's busted, he might just spend eight hours next to a seventeen-year-old who murdered his parents with a lead pipe.

And if little Billy gets a beating, no one may be around to hear him scream.

Miami-Dade commissioners recently renewed the Wackenhut Corp's contract to run the Juvenile Assessment Center for another three months. We county taxpayers will be handing the security giant another $420,000 to process and provide service for all of Dade county's arrested youths.

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The decision seems odd considering the county has been counting guards since October. The new "Personnel Presence Reports" reveal that the facility was understaffed for 25 of 26 days in November. At certain times, there was only one guard present — though six are required.

Moreover, county administrators for months have been reviewing faked time sheets and alleged skulduggery by Wackenhut and its employees both at the JAC and on Metrorail, where the firm supplies the guards. New Times wrote about it not long ago.

So if you're riding the rails.....

Calvin Godfrey

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