Vladimir Santos Shot By Landlord for Not Paying Rent, Leaves Behind Three Kids and Pregnant Wife

Twenty-five-year-old Vladimir Santos has been with his wife, Maria, since they were 13. Together the couple already had three sons under the age of five, with their first little girl on the way. The young family was renting a house in North Miami Beach, but Santos was told the house was in foreclosure and was advised by the bank not to pay rent.

The owner, Julian Gonzalez, 35, of Port St. Lucie, still showed up Monday afternoon at the house in 2300 block of Northeast 135th Lane to collect the rent. An argument ensued, and Gonzalez pulled a firearm from his waist and shot Santos in the head. He died on the scene.

That bullet instantly left Maria, who is nine months pregnant, a single mother of what's soon to be four young children. In fact, the murder happened only one day after her baby shower.

Neighbors tried to help Santos after the shooting, but he died in the hands of a neighbor. Witnesses say that the three sons saw Santos laying dead in his own blood.

"Over money, you don't take somebody's life. You don't. You don't," Beatriz Almansa a family friend told CBS4.

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