Virginia Resident Connie Mack Waiting for Charlie Crist Before He Declares Senate Intentions

Connie Mack IV represents Florida's 14th congressional district in Southwest Florida. He recently celebrated his first year of wedded bliss to California congresswoman Mary Bono (Sonny's non-Cher wife), but the two don't really split their time between Florida and California, instead raising their family primarily from their house in northern Virginia.

Mack took heat from being largely absent from his district during the last election, but was re-elected easily thanks mainly to the "R" next to his name.

Of course, Mack is the son of Florida's last GOP congressman who wasn't shamed into early retirement, Connie Mack III, and he has signaled he's ready to follow in Daddy's footsteps if Charlie Crist doesn't get in the way.

"Well, I've made no decision to do that. In fact, Charlie Crist hasn't ruled out that he may run for Senate. I know he's being courted to do so. So it's way too early to make a decision like that," Mack said to Fort Myers news station WBBH.

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