Vikings Sail Through Wake

The first big upset of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, #13 Cleveland State defeating #4 Wake Forest, really demands an intelligent analysis, especially since I watched it live from three feet away. But hey, this is the alternative press, and I have a great sense of humor, so instead, I'm going to propose some headlines the dipso dailies could have used to describe this game. Can you do better? Think I lack a brain? Try the comments section.

  • Cleveland Separates State from Church
  • Vikings Chop Down Forest
  • Searching for Revelations, Deacons Find Exodus
  • Yellow is Blue From Meeting Green
  • Viking Funeral? More Like a Wake
  • Deacons Baptized in Ohio River
  • Cleveland Great; Wake Porous
  • State Uses 3 To Take Out 4
  • A Tale of Two Horns
  • Vikings Leave Forest in their Wake
  • Deacons De-frocked by Cleveland's Heathens
  • Wake Fake; Nordics on Track
  • Demons Dreamin'; Cleveland Believin'
  • Shitty Wake Trails Cleveland Steamer
  • Deacons Blow; Vikings Sail

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