Video: Lamborghini Catches Fire Near Lincoln Road
Screencap via YouTube

Video: Lamborghini Catches Fire Near Lincoln Road

Another reason why owning a Lamborghini in South Beach is no longer worth it: Can you really trust the valets to handle your car with care? Not based on a video of a high-priced sports car bursting into flames near Lincoln Road. 

According to a few social media accounts, the video dates to December 29, when a valet was tasked with parking a red Lamborghini in South Beach. When the valet revved the engine a bit too much while passing the popular pedestrian shopping mall, the car caught fire, according to Random Pixels.

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"Guy revving his lambo like an idiot and it catches fire on Lincoln rd. Be safe out there the Bros are in town," wrote Instagram user Tony Merenda. "Update!! The valet Parker was joy riding in it and literally revved it till it blew." 

The scene was also caught on a video posted to YouTube. In the words of Future, "See the fire come out the ass on the Lamborghini." 

The fire was quickly put out, but the car wouldn't start again. Miami Beach Fire Rescue and Police showed up. 

The model in question is an Aventador, Lamborghini's flagship model. New models of the road machine start at $397,500. 

This kind of mishap isn't unheard of in Lambos. A man excessively revving an Aventador in Dubai caused the car to catch fire. Of course, Miami and Dubai are the two cities where this kind of thing would happen. 

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