Video: Florida Football Prep Hit By Car While Attempting to Jump Over It

Bladimir Barreto, a 19-year-old former Florida high school football player, was trying to attract the attention of college recruiters, and decided that the best way to do that was by filming himself jumping over a moving car. The incident did not go well, and Barreto is now recovering form his injuries in the hospital.

Oh, but the whole thing was caught on tape.

According to WTSP, Barreto played ball in high school at West Melbourne Christian Academy in Florida. He graduated two years ago, and spent some time playing amateur football, but never gave up on his college ball dreams. 

Gifted with speed, he decided to have his brother drive a Honda Accord at him while he attempted to jump over it. The plan did not work, and Barreto was sent flipping through the air. 

He's now recovering at Holmes Regional Medical Center's trauma center in Melbourne, and local police say he's lucky his injuries weren't worse.

As for the 17-year-old brother who was driving the car, he could now face charges for driving without a valid license and reckless driving.

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