Video: Dwyane Wade Crushes the Souls of Several Children

If the NBA were a Disney sports movie, the Miami Heat would be the team of freakishly large, scowling kids who pull up to games in an all-black bus, wear Dolph Lundren buzz cuts, and scare the crap out of the scrappy underdogs. The upcoming season will be a lot more fun if Wade, Bosh, and LeBron embrace their evil-team reputation-- and it appears they will.

Blogger Red's Army filmed a youth basketball clinic at New York's Rucker Park this Friday where Dwyane Wade took a strange approach to helping the kids:

DWade apparently likes a little negative reinforcement in his basketball instruction... because he had a little fun with these kids by viciously rejecting their shots... taunting them... and (sort of) dunking on them.

Yeah, it seemed to all be in good fun... at least to him (and Chris Paul). Why not ask the kid who just walked off after the second Wade rejection? He looked thrilled.

Maybe he was trying to recreate the dodgeball scene from "Billy Madison"? See for yourself:

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