Video: Charlie Crist Interrupts Lt. Gov. Badmouthing Him on Camera

Former governor Charlie Crist addressed the non-partisan Forum Club of the Palm Beaches on his plans to unseat current governor Rick Scott. The Scott campaign responded by sending Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera to give an instant response to the media.

Crist, apparently channeling his inner Frank Underwood, pulled a major power move by interrupting Lopez-Cantera while he was talking to the press, shaking his hand, and then saying, "Give me Scott."

It doesn't get more politically awkward, or ballsy, than that.

"Charlie's gonna say whatever you want to hear to get elected, but when it comes down to the facts, to the record, when it was time to stand up," Lopez-Cantera, who was appointed, rather than elected to his position, was telling the media.

Crist comes up from behind, and put his hands on Lopez-Cantera's shoulder.

"Good to see you," says Crist.

"Hey," replies Lopez-Cantera.

"How are you?" asks Crist.

"Doing well," says Lopez-Cantera.

"Say hi to your family for me," says Crist before taking off.

A reporter calls back Crist for comment on Lopez-Cantera's claims.

"He's just gonna get to debate the lieutenant governor candidate,'' Crist said while pointing at Lopez-Cantera. "Give me Scott.''

Scott apparently caught wind of the encounter.

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