Victoria Jackson Thinks Beyonce is Part of a Satanic Cult

We momentarily break our unofficial moratorium on Victoria Jackson-related content to bring you the very important news that Victoria Jackson thinks Beyonce and Jay-Z are part of some sort of secret illuminati Satanist cult. 

See, most of us watched Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show and either came to the conclusions "She is a living Goddess!!!11!!1" or "Meh, not as good as Madonna's." But Victoria Jackson's mind works in different ways. Instead she focused on the diamond hand shape Beyonce made at one point. 

Satanic, Occult, Freemason and Illuminati symbols litter hip hop and rap videos if you go to youtube and do a little research. I googled Beyonce's strange Superbowl hand symbol and found this article.

Newsmax reports, "I understand Beyoncé was making hand symbols of, what else, a pyramid, or triangle if you will, which is a sign of the Illuminati and the New World Order, at the end of the show," Fawell told US News & World Report in an email Monday. "[Beyoncé] has a long history of serving the godless Illuminati and their Satanic cult."

Oh, that's what that was? See, we just thought Beyonce was a big fan of '90s WCW wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

Of course, as a little more Googling would turn up, it turns out that Beyonce and Jay-Z are neither Satanists or DDP fans. Instead the diamond hand shape is associated with Jay-Z's Rocafella records, sometimes just referred to as "The Roc." Because a diamond is a rock. Get it? 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.