Victoria Jackson Supports Secession, Isn't Sure President Obama Actually Won The Presidency, Almost Forged Her Absentee Ballot

Victoria Jackson is continuing her post-election meltdown. After declaring "America died" on election night, Miami's own SNL start turned Tea Party queen, is now trafficking in conspiracy theories that Barack Obama didn't actually win the election, and is now a big supporter of the burgeoning secession movement.

Jackson's is totally all about her home state of Florida removing itself from America.

She's even Tweeting out links to WND articles that support secession and declare, "I am convinced we've got to begin forming new communities of the faithful and declare our separation and independence once again, just as our courageous founders did 236 years ago."

Jackson is also wrote "Did Obama Really Win? FACTS" supporting theories that Obama didn't actually win the presidency and stole the election.

Of course, Jackson may just still be upset about her hellish voting experience here in Miami as chronicled in this video. Thanks to flying out to a tea party rally, she missed early voting days, and failed to get an absentee ballot in in time (after briefly wondering about having her own mother forge her absentee ballot for her, and later wondering if she should do the same for her own daughter, she decides against it. "I'm not ACORN. I'm not a liberal," she declares). Instead, she flies in to Miami at 4 a.m. on election days, drives straight to her precinct, and has to wait three hours in line.

We can at least feel her pain on that.

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