Victoria Jackson Is in Tampa Debating Super Heroes

Well, it wouldn't be a crazy Republican sideshow without Miami's own SNL-star-turned-Tea-Party-queen Victoria Jackson. Everyone's favorite squeaky voiced conspiracy theorist is up in Tampa for the Republican National Convention with her video camera in hand. She's already run into a super hero who fights political apathy. Even though Mr. Super Hero says his favorite president in history is Ronald Reagan, Jackson still finds something to argue with him about.

Jackson apparently can not talk to anyone who does not believe Barack Obama is a communist (fact: Barack Obama is not a communist) without trying to convince them that Barack Obama is a communist. Which is awfully hard to do considering Barack Obama is not a communist. Even Reagan-lovers like this Spandex-clad dude sometimes seem to have a hard time buying into that idea.

But, we'll go ahead and let Vicky try and to explain it to you one more time.

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