Victoria Jackson, Herman Cain, Joe the Plumber, and Every Other Adorable Right-Wing Kook Team Up For July 4th "Defeat Obama" Telethon

This Fourth of July, a collection of America's most race-baiting off-their-meds pizza-gropey prominent right-wingers will beam from Las Vegas the sure-to-be-epic "Defeat Barack Obama Telethon." Think "We Are the World, but without all the talk about saving Africa, and a whole lot of talk about how our president is from Africa.

God bless America!

Before It's News put together a handy list with photographs of the amazing cast for this shindig. (Especially check out Pat Dollard's picture. That guy looks ready to bone you with Marlboro-tinged freedom.)

A few of the most prominent names:

  • Disastrous presidential candidate Herman Cain
  • Mexican-wranglin' Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Obama-is-a-schvartze-and-yes-I'm-still-alive comedian Jackie Mason
  • Not-named-Joe and not-a-plumber Joe the Plumber
  • Our sentimental favorite, Victoria Jackson, the shrill and bible-thumping former SNL cast member and Miami resident who we profiled in January.

We were so astounded by this lineup that we thought it might be a hoax. So we emailed Jackson and asked her one question: Is this real?

Her answer:


So will the political action committee called the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama really raise its $250,000 goal today? Probably. Unfortunately for the PAC, that's about what Obama raised before apertifs were even served to his Hollywood elite chums at George Clooney's house.

The "telethon" -- quotes because it won't actually be on television -- begins at 4 p.m. Eastern time today, on the radio here and live streaming here.

We'll probably check it out each time we run into our house for more beers. Because in all sincerity, what's more American than a fake plumber's right to loudly dissent with the president?

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