Victoria Jackson Gets Schooled on Jesus by Occupy Wall Street Protester

Miami-native and SNL alum turned Tea Party sideshow attraction (and Riptide semi-obsession) Victoria Jackson decided to hit up the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. Armed with a cheap digital camera, she decided to talk to the protesters about our Marxist president and capitalist Jesus. One of the protesters, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, ends up schooling Jackson on some Jesus basics.

Jackson, apparently under the influence that the protests are anti-capitalist and anti-Christian, encounters a University of Maryland graduate and the following conversation ensues:

Jackson: So you're not concerned that he's a Marxist?

Protester: You're speaking to a Democratic Socialist yourself right now, so I don't believe he's a Marxist in the truest sense of Marxism and the manifesto.

Jackson: Do you think he's a socialist?

Protester: I think that he believes in social justice, financial justice, you know, Jesus stuff that the GOP isn't understanding these days.

Jackson: But Jesus said a man should work for a living and not get a handout.

Protester: Jesus was about helping the poor, ma'am. I think you've got a different version of the Bible than I do.

If for some reasons you want to enjoy more ramblings of a mad woman, here's the full video:

[via WashPo]

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