Victoria Jackson Finds Glee's Gay Kiss "Sickening"

It's with much trepidation that we once again visit the strange, twisted world of former SNL star, Miami native, and Tea Party sideshow Victoria Jackson. When she's not busy singing about how "there's a communist in the White House," she's cackling about how evil the Muslims and the gays are. In her latest column for WorldNet Daily, she derides Glee for showing a gay kiss and calls it "sickening." She also cites as fact a report from a spoof website about how Muslims want to tear down the Statue of Liberty. Then she derides liberals for ignoring the real facts.

Spoiler alert, but in last week's episode of everyone's favorite "it's so bad, but it's so good" TV musical, the gay, teenage Ross and Rachel of our time -- Glee characters Blaine and Kurt -- finally locked lips. Surprisingly, the sight of two high school boys smooching on network TV hasn't been too controversial, but the sorry Ms. Jackson was apparently shocked:

Did you see "Glee" this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians - again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of "Glee" - what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?

Well, actually, we don't think society has become liberal enough to show actual gay things being shoved down throats.

Jackson's homophobic outburst comes in the middle of a weird column in which she rants on and on, almost nonsensically about the great Muslim threat.

She cites a report from the spoof website Sharia 4 America saying that Muslim developers are making plans to tear down the Statue of Liberty because it's an "idol" (by the way, certain strains of Christianity also forbid idolatry).

She later brags how she only reads "the real news" online, and not the lies of the liberal mainstream media.

For some reason, the column is accompanied by this video:

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Kyle Munzenrieder