Victims of Machete Attack Speak: "He Damn Near Cut Off My Head"

Last Friday afternoon, Miami-Dade police shot and killed a man who went on a machete rampage in Northwest Miami-Dade. The man attacked his ex-girlfriend and her male friend. Now new details of the incident have emerged, and the victims of the attack are speaking to local media.

Angela Heath had gone to the police earlier in the day to file a complaint against her ex-boyfriend. The man's name has still not been released, but he had a history of making violent threats. Heath pleaded with police to protect her.

"I told them I wanted [police] to follow me because I'm afraid for my life," Heath tells WSVN. "He said he was going to chop me up with a machete knife like a piece of salami, throw my body in a plastic bag, and throw me in the ocean. Nobody would know."

The police didn't follow Heath home, and shortly after she returned, the ex-boyfriend showed up at her house with a machete. John Moore, a male friend of Heath's, was there too.

"I thought I was a goner. He damn near cut off my head," Moore tells WSVN. "He was trying to kill me."

Moore had to use his arms to block the machete from making contact with his face. His hands and forearms are now wrapped in bandages.

"He just took the machete knife, hitting him, everywhere, just swinging the machete knife like it wasn't nothing. Then he came after me," Heath says.

Heath's daughter called police, and that's when the attacker fled.

Police caught up with him a few blocks away, which led to the fatal confrontation.

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